[Seaside] a problem using javascript goto and jquery and some complex stuff

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Wed Nov 3 06:54:17 UTC 2010

Hi Esteban,

The goto makes your browser navigate to the url of an ajax callback. That will execute the callback server-side but the response of that callback is empty, hence the blank page. I think the use of #call: will trigger a redirect in the callback, hence why that is working (just writing this of the top of my head, did not verify). You either need to use normal callbacks, or use jQuery to add or replace the html inline on your webpage. Something along the lines of:

html anchor 		
		onClick: (html jQuery ajax 
						callback:[self doSomethingLikeRemoveARow];
						onComplete:(html jQuery ajax) script:[:s | s << ((s jQuery expression: 'body') append: [:r | tabsComponent renderOn: r])  ]);
		with: 'goto blah'.


html anchor 		
		callback: [self doSomethingLikeRemoveARow. self show: tabsComponent ];
		with: 'goto blah'.

In the first case, it's important that you cancel the default behavior of the anchor because otherwise it will execute a full callback instead of an ajax request only. I'm always sending 'url: 'javascript:{}' to such an anchor to cancel the default generated Seaside url, but there are other ways.

Hope it helps

On 03 Nov 2010, at 01:09, Esteban Lorenzano wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem dealing with some ajax renderization... I have something like this:
> 	html anchor 		onClick: (html javascript 			goto: (html jQuery get 				callback: [ self show: tabsComponent ];
> 				fullUrl));
> 		with: 'goto blah'.
> of course, this is not my real need, just a simplified version :)
> and whenever the callback is executed, it just renders a blank page... but if I change the #show: for #call:, the new component is rendered correctly... I think this is not correct, because same behavior is happening in other contexts (for example, I want to execute a callback after render a confirmation dialog, something like this:
> 	| dialogId |
> 	dialogId := html nextId. 	self canvas div id: dialogId.
> 	self canvas script: (html jQuery new dialog 		id: dialogId;
> 		html: someComponent;
> 		title: 'Title;
> 		width: 600;
> 		addButton: 'Accept' do: (html javascript
> 			goto: (html jQuery get
> 				callback: [
> 					"This is fake code, but shows what I need :)"
> 					self doSomethingLikeRemoveARow.
> 					self refreshReport ];
> 				fullUrl));
> 		addButton: 'Cancel' do: html jQuery new dialog close;
> 		resizable: false;
> 		modal: true
> 		autoOpen: true).
> again, this is a simplified version of something I do for reef, but it shows more or less what I want... and I get a blank page all the time...
> Any idea how to solve this?
> Cheers,
> Esteban
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