[Seaside] generating dynamic id:#name for component inside a table

Gilles Schtickzelle gschtick at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 12:15:06 UTC 2010


I have a table built like this

html table: [
   collection1 do: [ :x |
           html tableRow: [ collection2 do: [:y |
                 html tableData: [ html checkBox
                                                id: #checkBoxName
                                                .....] ] ] ] ]

What I'd like is to have a different #checkBoxName for each so I can set one
depending of the function of the other with a ((html jQuery:
#checkBoxNameXY) attributeAt: 'checked' put: (html jQuery this attributeAt:
'disabled')) or something like it.

How should I proceed to achieve this?

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