[Seaside] A question of a beginner

Josef Springer Josef.Springer at joops.com
Fri Oct 15 13:28:00 UTC 2010

Hello Borois,

thanks for quick answer.
I am using 7.7.1 and have loaded Seaside from the CD-distibution of 
7.7.1. Should i use Seaside from the Public Repository ?


Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs wrote:
> Which version of VisualWorks are you using and what exactly are you
> loading?
> I just tried the same in 7.7.1 (loaded Seaside-All parcel provided into
> clean visual.im) and it seems to have worked as expected, but there's no
> class WAWelcome in any of the packages nor method called
> #renderHeaderBarOn: anywhere. If you are loading from Public Repository,
> make sure you load one of the Seaside-* packages, for example
> Seaside-Adaptors-Opentalk-Development and they'll load proper
> prerequisites along the way (provided the prerequisite search policy is
> set to 'store' as well).
> Hope this helps,
> -Boris

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