[Seaside] autologin

Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Mon Aug 1 19:23:52 UTC 2011

Hi Milan,

I have just done something similar.  I decided to not have a fully
automatic login.  I have a login screen with a "remember me" checkbox.  If
I find the cookie, I fill in the userId/password and check the box.  The
user is free to change anything on the screen.  If the login button is
clicked and the "remember me" checkbox is not checked, I kill the cookie.
If the login is successful and the "remember me" checkbox is checked, I
refresh the cookie.

I know this is not exactly what you are asking but if you like it, your
question goes away.


>I have written a WEB application where you have to login first. To make 
>things more user-friendly, I would like to enable optional auto-login 
>feature. The username and encrypted password would be stored in a 
>cookie. I have figured how do store and read back cookies, but I 
>wouldn't know how to skip the login screen.
>My Login class extends WAComponent, and in its renderContentsOn: I'm 
>reading the cookie. The problem is that you cannot #call another 
>component while rendering. You also cannot register a WATask as an 
>application. How would you do it?
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