[Seaside] Need help fixing my image

sergio_101 sergiolist at village-buzz.com
Mon Jan 3 15:47:04 UTC 2011

it's surprising easy to totally mess up a pier/seaside image.. i think
i find new ways every day..

i have a  new image ready to go for my photography site. i am trying
desperately to release it today, and am having trouble..

in order to get it ready to save the image every half hour, i
installed scheduler

i set up an instance of scheduler, and it caused all sorts of
problems.. so i deleted the classes..

unfortunately, the problems are all still there. it appears that it's
still looking for the classes, and it keeps crashing with a system
error. i will try attaching a screen shot.. it's not a debug error,
but an actual system error..

i can't reinstall scheduler, because that error pops up again, and kills it..

if i could find whatever calls are being made to scheduler, i could
delete that, and that should work..

or, if i could somehow revert to the image before i added scheduler,
that would fix it too, but i can't figure out how to do that, either.
The backup images that pier was saving have the same  problem..

any help would be greatly appreciated...


photographer, journalist, visionary


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