[Seaside] Call does not work

Sebastián Perez Escribano sebaspe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 12:10:30 UTC 2011

Hi list, I have a component with a simple form. The form have some radio 
buttons and the submit button. First sometimes after clicking over a 
radio and submiting  the form the variable is still in nil and second 
when I ask if the variable is nil and call other component, the 
component never shows. This is the code for the buttons

addRadioButton: each group: group into: html
     | javascript |
     javascript := self disableButtonScript.  "Disable submit button 
until some radio is clicked"
             [(html radioButton)
                 group: group;
                 onClick: javascript;
                 selected: self selectedAnswer = each;
                 callback: [self selectedAnswer: each].
             html text: each].

and this is for the submit


     | answer |
     answer := self selectedAnswer.
         ifNil: [self errorHandler]
             [self selectedAnswers add: answer.
             super acceptAction]

any ideas? the framework is 2.8 and run over VW 7.6.


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