[vwnc] [Seaside] Re: Comparison of Aida/Web, Seaside and Iliad web frameworks

Runar Jordahl runar.jordahl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 11:36:38 UTC 2011

Come on… We all know Janko is biased, and the comparison reflects that. But
it is not like he wants to take over the world and kill Seaside. Well… maybe
he wants, but there is still no reason to get upset. :-)

I have only tried Seaside, choosing that framework since it is the “default”
one to use for Smalltalk web development. At least the comparison made me
aware of Iliad, and had me rediscover Aida. But even if I now have more
knowledge, I am more confused than ever.

We need some small reports, from various sources, comparing the strengths
and weaknesses of the frameworks. Creating a collaborative to-do-list
application might be a good reference case.

>From what I understand, all three frameworks generate HTML using roughly the
same techniques. But there are differences in how you compose a page from
multiple components. The spreadsheet mentions “composition” vs. “rendering”.
Getting a short discussion about these concepts is probably more helpful
than a lot of (smaller) features compared.

It seems like everyone agrees on the importance of JavaScript. So explaining
how the various frameworks handle this and how they will tackle it in the
future, is important. It seems like Aida and Seaside takes different routes
here. How does that matter for me as a user? Again, a more detailed
discussion than “yes” / ”no” on a feature list, would be welcome.

It is also interesting to see how this thread discusses the future of
Smalltalk web frameworks. As I understand this, we have Aida, Iliad and
Seaside being the “server-centric” web frameworks. These frameworks generate
the UI on the server, and use third-party JavaScript libraries to provide a
richer UI experience at the client. Then we have Quicksilver and Jtalk which
basically let you run your UI (Smalltalk) code in the client browser itself.
These “client-centric” frameworks are experimental and not ready for
production. As Janko mentions, integration between these two types of
frameworks will be important.

Kind regards

Runar Jordahl

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