[Seaside] bringing up WAWelcome from scratch

H. Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 10:28:59 UTC 2011

Yes this is the problem I had in April with Seaside in Squeak 4.3 alpha

Here is the start of the thread (my test, the same what Randal did yesterday)

Andreas Raab fix

Colin Putney said that he includes it

and Dale Henrichs expressing his readiness to update the configuration

I see that Colin Putney has put out a new version of OmniBrowser on
SqueakMap for version 4.3; maybe it is in there.

So the question is -- has the fix made it to a published version and
if yes, where is that.....


On 6/30/11, Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn at stonehenge.com> wrote:
>>>>>> "Dale" == Dale Henrichs <dhenrich at vmware.com> writes:
> Dale> What are the symptoms? If I'm not mistaken there is a longstanding
> Dale> bug with OmniBrowser and Squeak4.x... there is supposedly a fixed
> Dale> version of OmniBrowser floating around, but noone has updated the
> Dale> Metacello configuration with the correct version. I have asked
> Dale> folks to supply me with the information about the correct version
> Dale> to use, but those requests have fallen upon deaf ears...either
> Dale> that or there is no fix available....
> Yes... that was eventually the problem.
> Executing "WAKom startOn: 8080" directly worked, but that control panel
> was tempting and I wanted to use it.
> So, anyone here with info to fix the control panel, this is your call to
> action!
> Also, the error walkback uses Pharo-specific calls to get at the stack
> frame, and this fails with Squeak.  (I hate it when throwing an error in
> my code throws another error in the debugging infrastructure.) I had to
> fall back to the 4.1-all-in-one image for my demo today.
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