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Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Tue May 31 19:31:41 UTC 2011

gee... it was a long ago...

I just got pissed off by not knowing where the problem was so I've simplified everything just in case.

Unsurprisingly, once redesigned, things started to work as expected.

I also remember making something similar to Coral at the time (to make more clever that script you mention). I've tried Coral but it was missing something I needed badly so I made something a lot simpler to have that solved fast.

The combination of the two things solved our problem.

So I guess your question remains and I can't tell if monit was part of the problem or not. Maybe not. Probably was the script but I think I've tried that (I can't recall that) fortunately, there is a long time since I really don't care anymore :)

The only thing that matters is that it was a fast move to redefine the problem "moving it" to a more predictable domain and it worked wonderfully (and, not surprisingly, it was using more smalltalk and less "stuff")



On May 31, 2011, at 3:09 PM, Ramon Leon wrote:

> On 05/31/2011 10:47 AM, Sebastian Sastre wrote:
>> for us monit was nice for quite a while but every now and then it kind
>> of failed to shutdown some resilient unresponsive images. It seems that
>> it relies too much in a gentle SIGTERM. And for most cases is actually
>> okay but zombies aren't gentle. In practice you could end up with a
>> unresponsive image that resist to shutdown for any reason but you need
>> it to shutdown the bastard but the bish is ignoring your SIGTERMs so...
>> you need to SIGKILL them :)
> I'm not sure I'm following; monit doesn't kill anything, it just invokes a kill script you give it.  Your kill script can do whatever you want, SIGTERM, wait a bit, and SIGKILL if not dead yet, that's up to your kill script.  What does this have anything to do with monit?
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