[Seaside] Seaside on EC2 Amazon Service

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:33:13 UTC 2011

Hi Larry,

Make sure you include the " - " before your key and lines "#cloud-config" &
> "ssh_authorized_keys:"
> I find it helpful to form the syntax in a text editor prior to posting into
> the web-form.
>   So, is there a space between the '-' and the 'ssh-rsa'? Does it matter?

I haven't tried it without the spaces, but it works for me with the

> I saw another parameter that said something about disabling metadata. I
> guess that parameter is not needed.

Yes that is optional.

>   By the way, your instructions say open SSH on Port 22 but the screen shot
> shows port 25, or
> vice versa. I assume that I only need to open up port 22 for SSH.

Correct port 22 is SSH. I've corrected the spurious reference to port 25 in
the blog post - thanks. On the latest EC2 interface you can just pick SSH
and HTTP from the drop-down menu.

>   It seems like the Security Group stuff has changed. I wasn't able to get
> the All Internet
> specification that you show. The entries I created all wanted a source,
> 0,0,0,0 or 1234567890/default.
> What do I do with that?

Just pick SSH and HTTP from the drop-down, but I don't think this is your

>   I wonder if it matters that I was trying this from my laptop over Wifi.

I doubt that's an issue.

Good luck

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