[Seaside] 3.0.7 developer release

Gastón Dall' Oglio gaston.dalloglio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 14:41:54 UTC 2012

I admit I'm a noob with Metacello :( I do not know the dev cycle with this.

Copy from the wiki of this project:

How to load

> Use a recent pharo image and evaluate

> Gofer new
  squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
  package: 'ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox) loadLatestVersion

For that I just use #loadLatestVersion for load. Now with you tip, for load
my config I evaluate this:
(ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox project version: '2.7') load

Weel, I commit to repo with blessing #development, if this config is
correct I change this to #release, or any let me know the next CORRECT step
(I say again, I'm noob with metacello).

Name: ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox-GastonDallOglio.67
Author: GastonDallOglio
Time: 5 April 2012, 11:28:26 am
UUID: cd01f6de-f264-4585-88e3-4a3ad9f3d7a5
Ancestors: ConfigurationOfJQueryWidgetBox-PaulDeBruicker.66

"added MapQuery, RegisteredInterval and SelectMenu."


PS: for convension, package JQWidgetBox-RegisteredInterval-Example should
be renamed JQWidgetBox-RegisteredInterval-Dev, and SelectMenu wrapper
haven't example and test :)

El 5 de abril de 2012 10:21, Nick Ager <nick.ager at gmail.com> escribió:

> Hi Gastón,
> I do now, but one question, I blessing new conf that I write as #release?
>> I do not know load JQueryWidgetBox if this is blessing as #development, any
>> idea?
> I'm not I quite understand. If you are asking how do you load a specific
> configuration for example before setting the blessing to #release for
> ConfigurationOfSeaside30 I would load it with:
> (ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project version: '3.0.7') load: 'OneClick'.
> This allows you test the yet to be released version before making it
> available to everyone. There are plenty of people on this list and the
> Pharo list who should be able to help you if you get stuck.
> Hope that helps
> Nick
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