[Seaside] Zinc Callback Limit

Mark Smith mark.smith at objectbynature.com
Mon May 14 19:22:00 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I realise that this might not be typical usage however I have an application with a lot of checkboxes, well over 100, and have run into a small problem using the ZnZincServerAdaptor. When the form is submitted, by clicking the submit button, the final callback isn't executed, and the server appears to drop the connection.

The following reliably replicates the issue –

renderContentOn: html
	html form: [
		(1 to: 256) do: [ :aNumber |
			html checkbox
				callback: [ :aValue | ].
				text: 'checkbox', aNumber asString;
				break ].
		html submitButton
			callback: [
				self inform: 'clicked' ];
			value: 'click' ]

Although the exact number of fields/callbacks needed seems to vary. I arrived at 256 by a binary search.

Unfortunately that's as far as I've got :).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

All the best,


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