[Seaside] Re: change n same words in browser with one action

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 01:33:13 UTC 2012

On 28 September 2012 21:40, Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com> wrote:
>> yes, exactly like this: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/900
>> Bert Freudenberg added the following:
>> Tip: You do not have to perform a "find" for the "replace" to work.
>> Just select a word you want to have replaced, overtype it with your
>> new word, and hit (ctrl-j). Very handy for renaming variables.
>> This would be perfect.
> You should not expect that -- Pharo used to have it but it was removed
> in favor of a more mainstream editor look-and-feel -- so that it be
> would more attractive to new users.  Command+J / Control+J are just
> two of several powerful code-editing capabilities Pharo originally
> inherited from Squeak, along with my other favorites Command+E =
> Exchange the last two selections and Command+[, (, {, or | = Surround
> the highlighted text with that bracket-type pair.  (not sure if those
> are still there in Pharo).

Now what would be really cool is to have a documentation about all
those, and make them easily
discoverable. I worked with Squeak long enough, and didn't saw
anything close to that.
I said that it is 'command-g' instead 'command-j' exactly because of
that, because you never know...
And for me it was always felt like:
 - let user discover shortcuts by pressing random key combinations and
see what happens.
And then tell me, what are the chances that people will understand
what exactly cmd-j does without
reading documentation? In 99% of cases it will be 'oh.. what was just happen' ..
This is about "more attractive".
And if you hiding knowledge behind sealed doors, don't be surprised
that someone will come and build a new library with open doors,
replacing yours.
This is, what i think, happens with shortcuts changes in Pharo, except
form those which was remapped.

> Pharo favors _familiarity_ for new users somewhat at the cost of
> productivity for its experienced users.  It somewhat resembles eclipse
> -- with pop-up dialogs and a seemingly "modal" philosophy.  Squeak, by
> constrast, has kept pushing the "simple-but-powerful" philosphy of its
> IDE to near extremes.  While it's less familiar for new uesrs, once
> learned, general navigation and editing require _far fewer_ gestures.
Another thing, is that i first time hear that pharo is in favor of
newcomers at expense of experienced users.
I am not involved in changes to key bindings / shortcuts, but i doubt
that people, who doing that, making changes having such strange aim.
I think they are focused on making it good for newcomers and
experienced users both. Otherwise i don't see much sense in doing this
at all, and would be first who will be against it.

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