[Seaside] Re-render component on back button

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 2 13:47:41 UTC 2013

I did a little poking around with WACounter (early seaside version 3) and..

When hitting the back button(Chrome), the screen updates correctly, but 
does not re-render, suggesting caching. So I requested no-caching:

renderContentOn: html

*self requestContext response doNotCache.**
**    html heading: Time now asString.*
     html heading: count.
     html anchor
         callback: [ self increase ];
         with: '++'.
     html space.
     html anchor
         callback: [ self decrease ];
         with: '--'.

And still no re-render. Google found this:



     "Configure the receiver to not be cached at all."

     self headerAt: 'Pragma' put: 'no-cache'. "Proxies"
     self headerAt: 'Expires' putDate: self doNotCacheExpiryDate. "HTTP 1.0"
     self headerAt: *'Cache-Control' put: 'no-cache, max-age=0, 
must-revalidate, no-store'*. "HTTP 1.1"

and now it re-renders on a back button. HTH


On 12/1/13 10:34 AM, Lorenz Köhl wrote:
> I'm developing a shopping cart and wondering if there's any way to show its size consistently even after pressing the back button.
> I think I would need to force a re-render, but since I'm not sure what the browsers actually request on back button presses I'm at a loss how to configure this, if possible.
> When I open the developer tools network tab in chrome and press the back button, the behaviour is different than normally, ie. after I added an item and it shows '1 article' and I press back, then the component is properly re-rendered and still shows '1 article' even on the previous page. So chrome requests are probably
> different..
> Is it possible to force this behaviour in the normal browser state?
> greetings,
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