[Seaside] Re-render component on back button

Lorenz Köhl lorenz at quub.de
Wed Dec 4 00:54:50 UTC 2013


thanks for the suggestions and examples!

I have now configured apache to act as reverse proxy between Pharo and the browser.
It rewrites the Cache-control header to Bob's and indeed, when all four arguments are provided Chrome is convinced to not check its cache (I tested and hope it stays that way).

Seaside 3.1, which I run, has this in #doNotCache

	"Configure the receiver to not be cached at all."
	self headerAt: 'Pragma' put: 'no-cache'. "Proxies"
	self headerAt: 'Expires' putDate: self doNotCacheExpiryDate. "HTTP 1.0"
	self headerAt: 'Cache-Control' put: 'no-cache, must-revalidate' "HTTP 1.1"

As you can see max-age and no-store are missing, so the method doesn't do as much as it could!
I filed an issue:


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