[Seaside] STIC - Smalltalk Industry Conference - 30 years of Smalltalk

Georg Heeg georg at heeg.de
Mon Mar 25 07:45:54 UTC 2013

Dear Seaside Users,

In 77 days STIC 2013 opens under the motto 30 years of Smalltalk. We will
have great speakers who will illustrate past (back to the very early days),
present and future of Smalltalk. Stephen Travis Pope who is using Smalltalk
since January 10, 1985 is one of our keynote speakers. Completely confirmed
presentations are visible on

I am aware that there will be several Seaside related presentations at STIC

End of this week the early early bird registration ends, you can register
online http://www.stic.st/conferences/stic13/registration/. 

I hope to see many Seaside friends in Arizona June 9-12, 2013!

Georg Heeg

STIC - Smalltalk Industry Council
Executive Director
Phone +49-3496-214328, Fax +49-3496-214712

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