[Seaside] Re: Doubled Form Submit

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Apr 20 09:04:51 UTC 2015


So Paypal does not have this level of safty..
Can you share your implementation? It very likely be useful to the
communnity the next time one wants to learn from it.



Le 15/04/2015 19:09, J.F. Rick a écrit :
> I ended up implementing the javascript event handler to disable the
> submit button (not too difficult). It seems crazy that a browser even
> allows for a form to be submitted multiple times. I once got into
> trouble because I was transferring money to my Paypal account and
> accidentally double clicked the submit button. It ended up processing
> the request twice and almost cost me an overdraft fee. It would be
> nice if seaside provided an elegant way to ensure that a form is only
> processed once.

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