[Seaside] Re: [Pharo-dev] Pharo{2,3} problems with seaside3.1

Max Leske maxleske at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 11:25:37 UTC 2015

Hi David

Thanks for those observations.

Quick question: which VMs did you use (for 2 and 3 respectively)? Did you use the one-click app?


> On 08 Jan 2015, at 11:56, David Carlos Manuelda <stormbyte at gmail.com> wrote:
> Currently, there are issues with latest stable seaside and pharo, which 
> have 
> been talked before but seems not getting much attention, and some of them 
> are important, so I want to do a little summary here.
> First of all, I have to say that I am new on smalltalk, pharo and seaside, 
> and started by reading Pharo by example, Deep into Pharo and Seaside 
> tutorial by Hasso Plattner Institut.
> Other issue, that is specially important because it confuses new users 
> (like 
> me) is that there are things which only works with pharo3 and not with 
> pharo2, and other, that do work with pharo2 but not in pharo3, which is 
> confusing, because the one click experience tarball comes with pharo2, so I 
> try to enumerate them here:
> ** Halos, and code editing:
>   - Pharo2: OK, working normally
>   - Pharo3: DANGEROUS, partially not working, and when it works it makes 
> you lose code, I explain:
>       x There are times in which you simply get the error: 
> MessageNotUnderstood: receiver of "generateWithSource" is nil and you can't 
> edit code
>       x When you don't get the above error, then you can edit code but 
> when 
> trying to save, I detected 2 possible bad behaviors:
>             - Save appears to work, but when you actually browse the code 
> you changed via browser in pharo, you see your whole method's code is 
> replaced by self methodHasNoSourceCode, in this case you lost your original 
> code
>             - Save not working, and debugger is raised, telling you: 
> Unknown variable (the method name you just edited), for example, in my case 
> I edited via browser the initialize method, and I got Unknown variable 
> initialize.
> ** Seaside Control Panel:
>    - Pharo3: OK, no errors
>    - Pharo2: Not working:
>        x Menu entry is missing
>        x If you invoke it manually or you just use the one that is raised 
> when you open firstly the one click experience image:
>            * Right click not showing anything (in pharo3 right click 
> displays add adapter and that kind of options)
>            * Selecting an adapter and clicking "Browse" give you: Not 
> understood message WAServerAdapterToolbar>>owner
>            * Start/Stop options also shows above message not understood 
> error
> Summary: Again, I am not an expert, and some of these issues are not 
> important enough, because seaside continues to work, but in my honest 
> opinion, that incongruity of functionality between versions 2 and 3, do not 
> make much sense, and make user to chose between comodity (seaside control 
> panel) and functionality (halos).
> Any opinions to this? Thanks for taking your time to read :)
> David.

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