[Seaside] [Pharo-dev] Pharo{2,3} problems with seaside3.1

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Fri Jan 9 06:48:35 UTC 2015

Hi Sanjay,

> The issue is that I am simply unable to get Seaside 3.1 debugger to work
> completely with Pharo 3 & 4 - For Pharo 4 it even shows an error while
> loading and Halos debugger just does not work. There is a post about not
> working with Opal compiler
> I would like to know if there are Pharo 3 / 4 + Seaside 3.1 or later users
> and why this is not really a concern with them. 

I am working with Pharo 3 without issues. What exactly is the issue you have there?
If you are working with Pharo 4, then surely there will be issues since it’s an alpha version and we are not (yet) actively building Seaside on it.

> I have embarked on a small commercial project as a Pilot / PoC which is to
> lead to a much larger commercial project and practically the only "tool" I
> am using as a debugger is "self halt". I want to know what I am missing

I think the complexity of webapps have long surpassed the halos and in-browser inspectors of Seaside. They are still there but I never ever used them for real.
They might have been cool at one point in time, but they are absolutely useless when your webapp grows beyond the hello-world and counter example complexity.

So, the Smalltalk debugger (server-side) and built-in browser tools (client-side) are what we are using every day.


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