[Seaside] Re: passing json between seaside and javascript

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 19:28:47 UTC 2015

JQAjax used to have callback:json: but it got lost in the Seaside 3.1
reshuffle.  I think it does what you want.

JQAjax>>callback: aBlock json: anObject
	"Register aBlock as a secondary callback. anObject is a reference to a
Javascript object on the client-side. anObject will be serialized to a JSON
string, sent back to the server, deserialized from JSON to nested Smalltalk
objects, and result passed into aBlock.
	Note: The serialization of Javascript objects to JSON requires a modern web
browser with native JSON support or the JSJsonDeploymentLibrary to be
loaded. Objects that recursively refer to themselves and objects that
contain or objects that contain methods might not be serializable and cause
the web browser to loop inifinitely or throw an exception."

		callback: [ :value | aBlock value: (JSJsonParser parse: value) ] 
		value: (JSJson new stringify: anObject)

sergio_101 wrote
> i accidentally sent this to the pharo group, rather than this group.. so i
> hope they forgive me over there. anyway:
> i am currently working on an app that uses a javascript library to render
> the state of an object inside seaside. i am trying to figure out the best
> way to transfer the state of object to javascript.
> the state of the machine changes via form inputs and ajax.
> i already have the code to convert the state of my object to json, so i am
> thinking i can do this one of two ways..
> via ajax, inject the json code into a variable in a function that is fired
> off by ajax. i just am not sure how to inject this json string into the
> page where it would look like the contents of a variable. any ideas?
> or, i could make a component that just spits out the current state as a
> json string. this way, when the value of a form element changes, that
> value
> is sent over ajax to seaside, and seaside can answer back with the new
> state as a json string. i am just not sure how to implement this, either.
> any ideas?
> let me know if there is a better approach to this, also.
> thanks!
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