[Seaside] Returning to Smalltalk, learning Seaside, some observations and questions.

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Thu Mar 31 21:54:57 UTC 2016

Hi Steve,

Welcome back ;)

First off, your observations are correct about the website, documentation, etc… 
These areas need work. There’s work in progress but it advances slowly.

A lot of things have now also moved to github: https://github.com/SeasideSt <https://github.com/SeasideSt> (see the Seaside project wiki there).
Of course, the idea is that the Seaside website references this.

You can search the Seaside mailinglist archives here: http://forum.world.st/Seaside-General-f86180.html <http://forum.world.st/Seaside-General-f86180.html>

A couple of people are maintaining the code and making small increments and advances. 
There’s room for more hands to help, so we welcome anyone who can join the effort. 


> On 31 Mar 2016, at 22:48, Steve Beisner <beisner at alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> I like Seaside; so much that I'd like to raise some questions
> about co-lateral items like documentation, the website, and books.
> My background:  I've been programming "forever".  I first saw
> Smalltalk demoed at PARC back in the seventies.  I've flirted with
> it for years, and was blown away by Seaside as well when I first
> ran across it years ago.  For a variety of reasons I'm picking it
> up again after a half dozen years. A lot has changed for both 
> Seaside and Pharo since I last looked, so I decided it'd be
> worth my time to try to bring a "beginner's mind" to it, and work
> through the website, community resources, documentation, etc.
> In short, I'm a fan.  I don't want to offend anyone with these
> questions... perhaps it's just my ignorance, but I'd like to help
> fix some problems I noticed as a new user coming to the Seaside
> site. Here's what I notice:
> - Seaside, itself, is obviously under active development by some
>   really smart people.
> - Is the website not maintained? I lot of stuff looks WAY out of date.
>   Most of the listed Blogs have changed their focus from Seaside, or are
>   defunct, or haven't been updated in five or six years.  The
>   "Success Stories" are stale by years.  Ditto for much of the "Projects" list. 
> - "The Book" (Dynamic Web Developmment with Seaside) appears to
>   be stalled. Early in the book it says,
>       "The online version is always up-to-date and permits 
>       readers to add notes at the bottom of every page."
>   This appears to not be the case (not up-to-date, and I see
>   no way to put comments/notes/questions anywhere).
>   The "First Component in 15 Minutes" section references what 
>   seems to be an old version of Pharo: different terminology,
>   different menus.  (I am using the 1 click package with Pharo
>   and Seaside.)
> - The Seaside email list seems to get some good traffic.  Is there any
>   way to search the archives for topics? (I don't see any way;
>   my suspicion is that there's gold in the archives, if there was
>   only a way to find it.)
> - How would one go about helping with getting/keeping the book /
>   website up-to-date?
> - Has there been any thought to using a forum (or Google Groups)
>   as a more efficient medium than a mail list for recording and
>   making available information and answers to questions?
> Again, I know that having a new person come into a community and 
> immediately start complaining is a drag -- in a big way!  
> That's not my intent... I plan to persist along my own path, but
> maybe I'm overlooking something?  I'd really like improve my own
> familiarity with Seaside and perhaps, at the same time, help make
> it be more accessible to those who are not already old hands.
> Any suggestions or insights would be welcome.
> -SteveB  
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