[Seaside] Setting table column widths

Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 21 16:51:28 UTC 2017


  Seaside Walkback

    MessageNotUnderstood: BrunOneGallery does not understand

Full Stack 

      Possible Causes

  * you sent a message this type of object doesn't understand

      Stack Trace


    thisContext <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?1>
        a ContextEmulator WAHtmlCanvas(WACanvas)>>#render: arg1 = [] in
        WAVASTWalkback>>#renderStackOn: ...etc...
    self <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?2>
        a WAVASTWalkback


    thisContext <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?3>
        a ContextEmulator [] in WAGenericTag(WATagBrush)>>#with: arg1 =
        a WAHtmlCanvas
    self <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?4>
        [] in WAVASTWalkback>>#renderStackOn:


    thisContext <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?5>
        a ContextEmulator BlockContextTemplate(Block)>>#renderOn: arg1 =
        [] in WATagBrush>>#with:
    self <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?6>
        a WAHtmlCanvas


    thisContext <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?7>
        a ContextEmulator WAHtmlCanvas(WARenderer)>>#render: arg1 = []
        in WATagBrush>>#with:
    self <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?8>
        a WAHtmlCanvas


    thisContext <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?9>
        a ContextEmulator WAHtmlCanvas(WACanvas)>>#render: arg1 = [] in
    self <http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/?10>
        a WAOrderedListTag

On 9/21/17 12:13 PM, David Pennington wrote:
> I am really lost in all of this. I know how to do this in HTML but I 
> can't see how to do it using Seaside code. This is my code:
> makePage: html
> | tr |
> html table: [ html tableRow: [ html tableData: [self makeGallery: html].
>      html tableData: [self makeBlogReference: html]]] .
> This creates two columns. The first column contains three images so 
> the width is set by the set width of each image. The second column 
> comprises of text scraped from the blog of the artist and the text 
> from there is determined by what he wrote and not by me. I really need 
> to be able to fix the width of the BlogReference column so that it 
> matches the width of the images column.
> The page can be seen here - http://www.brunswickfineart.com:8080/BFAHome
> David
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