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Elie Choueiri elie.choueiri at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 08:30:45 UTC 2019

Hi Karsten,

Thank you for the detailed response, that makes a lot of sense and
points me at what to look in to and where to look :)

I'm really enjoying smalltalk (using Squeak) and am hoping to be able
to use it for some [serious] web dev work.

On 10/6/19, Karsten Kusche <karsten at heeg.de> wrote:
> Hi Elie,
> Seaside is a pretty old framework. Unlike most web-technology, it’s still
> maintained though. Many years ago there were a number of jQuery frameworks
> that allowed websites to be more dynamic. That’s why Seaside supports
> Scriptaculous, Prototype, jQuery and jQuery UI. If you check the Wikipedia
> pages of any of these, you’ll see that jQuery is the single still actively
> developed javascript framework from back then.
> So if you want to know which ones to learn: only jQuery is worthwhile. Like
> the other frameworks jQuery UI is petty much dead (last update was 10 years
> ago). For good looking widgets the standard today is more or less Bootstrap
> (but as always on the internet, there’re alternatives that might or might
> not be better). There is a bootstrap implementation in Seaside, but i’m not
> sure if it’s included in the standard installation. I also don’t know which
> version of Bootstrap it is, the latest version is 4.3, but 3.x is still
> widely used.
> As for documentation: the Smalltalk interface to these web-technologies is
> typically very close to the original implementation.
> For example in jQuery (in javascript) you write: jQuery("div“).show().That’s
> two pieces, first you find all DIV elements in the HTML DOM tree, then you
> tell all of them to show. In Smalltalk that’s written as: (html jQuery:
> 'div‘) show.
> The documentation can be found at: http://api.jquery.com/jquery and
> http://api.jquery.com/show. As you can see the URLs follow a VERY simple
> schema, so just place your function-name at the end and go directly to the
> relevant documentation. Please note that in jQuery it’s super common to have
> different behaviour for the same function based on different arguments.
> For Bootstrap the documentation can be found at:
> getbootstrap.com<http://getbootstrap.com>. There it’s a bit more difficult
> as bootstrap is not a javascript framework but a mix of html, css and
> javascript. javascript playing only a tiny part, the biggest part in
> Bootstrap is creating correct html with the right set of attributes so that
> the appropriate css rules can kick in.
> That being said: if you want to learn more about any of these frameworks,
> just pick some tutorials on the web and create their html and javascript
> using Seaside.
> Kind Regards
> Karsten
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> Am 6. Oktober 2019 um 07:08:19, Elie Choueiri
> (elie.choueiri at gmail.com<mailto:elie.choueiri at gmail.com>) schrieb:
> For example, what is (html jQuery load) --- What does `load` do? Is
> there any documentation to explain when I should use it?
> On 10/6/19, Elie Choueiri <elie.choueiri at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, I did not know about those links, they do help!
>> If there are any other resources, please let me know. And if it's
>> better to use scriptaculous over jQuery?
>> On 10/4/19, BrunoBB <smalltalk at adinet.com.uy> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Did you installed Seaside ?
>>> If so then go to url:
>>> http://localhost:8080/javascript/jquery-ui
>>> And there are some JQuery examples there.
>>> Also check:
>>> http://localhost:8080/javascript/jquery
>>> regards,
>>> bruno
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