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Thu Oct 10 11:22:18 UTC 2019

IIRC StackExchange has some good questions and answers 


For me, the key insight is that JQuery is an object and it constructs the correct javascript when you send messages to that Object.

Once you "get it" its a very nice way of doing JQuery.

That said, I have to reread the documentation every time I need to implement a JQuery.



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I recently decided to learn some seaside but have been having trouble
finding learning material & documentation for the seaside way of
dealing with jQuery & jQuery-UI. I've gone through the draft chapters
at book.seaside.st, but don't understand how to do things that deviate
just slightly from what's written there.

For instance, having a button that, when clicked, creates an AJAX
request and passes it the data of a text field / form, or how to use
the jQuery-UI Autocomplete field and 'capture' its results to display
them in a table, or how to style the list it returns, etc.

Is there some documentation or learning material somewhere that anyone
can recommend please  :)

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