[Seaside] Issue with NavBar in Pharo 7-Seaside 3.3-Bootstrap.

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 16:00:02 UTC 2019

The way to debug this is to see if the HTML code Seaside is making in the
example matches the HTML code in the bootstrap docs.

It looks like they're different.  

The Seaside example navbar toggle button specifies an attrbute 'data-target'
and gives it the value 'navbarSupportedContent'  The Bootstrap docs use

The Seaside example dropdown menu div (the div with the class="collapse
navbar-collapse" ) also doesn't have the id='navbarSupportedContent' like
the bootstrap docs does.  

I'd start by fixing those things and seeing how it goes and if it doesn't
work keep looking for discrepancies.  

Can you change the Seaside example code to make the HTML match the HTML code
in the bootstrap docs?

If so you could submit a pull request to the github repo  so this bug gets
fixed for future users.  

OswallVernyAC wrote
> Regards,
> I am working with Bootstrap4 with Pharo7 and Seaside 3.3.
> I installed it on 2 laptops (ubuntu) and a raspberry (raspbian).
> I have a problem with the example of NavBar that comes with Bootstrap4.
> With the wide screen, the NavBar is displayed correctly with your options.
> With the narrow (reduced) screen the navigationBarToggler changes the view
> but when pressing the button it does not show the options menu (Chromium
> Browser).
> The same happens in all computers.
> Thank you
> Oswall
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