Dan Ingalls DanI at
Sun Apr 12 18:40:02 UTC 1998

Andres -

Yes, I have had this happen myself, and I must appologize that I have several times sworn to put a handler for this in the debugger, but never done it.

You can often get out of this situation by executing...
	MessageTally new close.
This has the effect of terminating the timer process that is still waking up and interfering with things.  Your idea of starting another MessageTally and letting it complete was close, but it doesn't cancel the old timer first.

Good luck.  Perhaps you could send me a message if this works for you, and I'll put something in the debugger to handle this automatically (no, really, I mean it ;-).

	- Dan

>I was doing this:
>MessageTally spyOn: [3487687648762 factorization]
>I got tired of waiting (maybe too big a number to crunch), ctrl-break, and 
>when I clicked outside the error window to terminate it, a white box appeared 
>top left telling me that:
>**System Error Handling Failed**
>Message not understood: displayBox
>"and some other lines about what failed"
>Now, if I drag windows the display gets garbled. Somehow, the windows get 
>moved two times. The border that appears while dragging looks funny, sometimes 
>it appears and sometimes it doesn't. I get no keyboard response. If I exit 
>the project, the workspace MessageTally failed on pops up over the collapsed 
>project. If I evaluate a MessageTally again and let it finish, I get keyboard 
>control again but the display still drops garbage here and there. The change 
>file does not say a word about evaluating MessageTally spyOn: [this].
>Guess I now have a misbehaving image. What went wrong? Can this image be 
>fixed by re-initializing something? I wouldn't like to lose all the workspaces, 
>browsers and so.

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