Strangeness with AcceptableCleanTextMorph?

Kevin Fisher kfisher at
Thu Aug 20 12:42:37 UTC 1998

I think I understand now... :)  Thanks!

I've been playing around with the Morphic interface a lot the past couple
days, so I guess I was bound to hit my head against something!

Dan Ingalls <DanI at> wrote:

> >Am I just using Morphic wrong, or is this a bug?  
> Well, I think the answer is yes to both.  The problem is that PluggableTextMorph (and its subclass ACTM and, in fact, just about everything in the Windows category) is not intended to be instantiated out in the open, but rather as parts of a SystemWindow.
> I consider it as a bug in two ways:
> 1.  If we had implemented these classes with a little more care, they could probably all live out in the open pretty well, and the morphic browsers would be more pleasantly deconstructable.  As it is, this whole category and the whole morphic window replacment for MVC was done in a week or two, and this property was not properly attended to.
> 2.  Even if we decide that is OK to have some specialized classes that can't live out in the open, it is still a bug to leave them listed as condidates in the 'new morph...' menu.
> And so, yes, you were using Morphic wrong, but it is our fault ;-).
> 	- Dan

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