MinneStore: Free Smalltalk OODB

Russell Allen Russell.Allen at FirebirdMedia.com
Fri Aug 14 07:57:43 UTC 1998

At 01:18 PM 13/8/98 -0600, Kyle Pierce wrote:

> In case anyone is interested, I found this at 
> http://www.mneta.net/~joncrlsn/minnestore/index.html:
> "MinneStore is a free (!) object-oriented database that provides storage and 
> retrieval of complex Smalltalk objects...  Please let me know if you are 
> interested in porting this to another version of Smalltalk. I have placed the 
> vendor-specific code into two classes and have created test suites to verify
> that the ported code will work correctly."

I looked at MinneStore a couple of months ago, and got Jon Carlson, who wrote it, to send me test suites etc.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do anything about it, and it doesn't look as though I will :-(.  However, it seems a fairly straight forward port...

Minnestore is under the GNU licence, so it's free, but not as unrestricted as the Squeak licence.

If anyone wants to port Minnestore to Squeak, email Jon at
jonathan_carlson at technologist.com, and I'm sure he'll send you any stuff you need.

> This kind of persistent object facility is the biggest gap (for my purposes)
> in the vast functionality provided by Squeak -- or at least it seems
> that way from my newbie perspective.

I totally agree - it's one of those basic abilities Squeak should have.

Squeak is one of the most impressive pieces of software I have
seen.  Keep up the good work!


Russell.Allen at FirebirdMedia.com

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