couple of (non squeak) questions

Laurence Rozier lrozier at
Wed Dec 2 06:33:08 UTC 1998

David Farber wrote:

> i've got a couple of questions that aren't squeak related, but i thought
> that there would be a fairly high probability that this list could point me
> in the direction of the info i am looking for.
> 1) where can i get my hands on the algorithms needed to calculate sunrise
> and sunset? (phase of the moon, moonrise and moonset would be nice too).
> i've picked up a book or two that purported to explain the matter, but they
> always seemed to lose me. (the math shouldn't be a problem; i did the
> obligatory 6 quarters of calculus to get my EE degree. that i
> think about it, maybe that is the problem.)

If you have to actually do the calculations, you can get all the data
from: can get data for a
day or an entire year.

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