squeak program delivery, etc

Alex Rice alrice at swcp.com
Wed Dec 2 21:37:29 UTC 1998

Greetings, my name is Alex Rice and I'm a Java programmer. I came along
looking for something faster and less bloated and I think I've found it
in Squeak. I'm truly impressed by the philosophy of Squeak.

A couple of newbie questions I still have after reading the FAQ and
skimming the mailing list archives:


How are people delivering Squeak programs? For instance, if I wrote some
interesting little program and wanted to give it to other people, what
form would it take? Would they have to learn the Squeak desktop-browser
paradigm as a prerequisite to using the Squeak program? Can someone give
me an example of something written in Squeak that is intended for use by
non-Squeaking persons? Can a Squeak program have a GUI without having
the desktop and browser too?


Can I use C/C++ code and native libraries from Squeak progams?


Is the Microsoft licensing effecting the development of Squeak at all?
Specifically, is the portability going to remain good, or will there be
a Win32 MS-Smalltalk which the whole world starts using, which will be
incompatible with the real Squeak?


 Alex Rice <alrice at swcp.com>

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