PWS as a plain web-server

John (Zhijiang) Han zhan1 at
Sat Dec 12 07:43:43 UTC 1998

Yes, PWS can act as a plain web-server.  Just set up a ServerAction
(change ServerAction class>>#serverDirectory to be your root serving
directory first) and that will take care of things for you. 

On the other hand, PWS is not HTTP compliant, as far as I can tell.  Well
it's close, but you know.  I'm getting my hands on building a HTTP/1.1
compliant and Apache compatible web-server, with as many modules,
including the latest DAV module, with wiki-module as a plus. 

I don't expect it being publicly available in short.  I would also like to
use some help if anybody is interested.

On 11 Dec 1998, Marc Nijdam wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm just exploring using PWS. Although I really like the wiki concept
> and its implementation in Squeak, local users don't appreciate having
> to edit pages through the web-browser using a different syntax. I'm
> also trying to figure out some different uses for squeak as a
> webserver.
> I'm having problems extracting the webserver _only_ part of the PWS. I
> would like to start PWS on a root directory, have it serve documents
> and directories just like a normal web-server. Then I'll start
> plugging in server actions based on page or directory requests
> (CGI-maximus ;-)
> TIA,
> Marc

Cheers,         *
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