PWS as a plain web-server

Marc Nijdam men at
Mon Dec 14 16:30:59 UTC 1998

"John \(Zhijiang\) Han" <zhan1 at> writes:

> Yes, PWS can act as a plain web-server.  Just set up a ServerAction
> (change ServerAction class>>#serverDirectory to be your root serving
> directory first) and that will take care of things for you.

Huh, I must be doing something wrong then... I set my serverDirectory
to my httpd document root and did a PWS initializeAll which complained
that the given server directory is not valid (which I'm sure it is)!

As soon as I copy the Server directory into that directory it works,
but that's not what I want to do since the contents of that directory
seems to be oriented towards Swikis, and it just does not make sense.

> On the other hand, PWS is not HTTP compliant, as far as I can tell.
> Well it's close, but you know.  I'm getting my hands on building a
> HTTP/1.1 compliant and Apache compatible web-server, with as many
> modules, including the latest DAV module, with wiki-module as a
> plus.

Another approach would be to use Squeak behind the FastCGI
interface. This would allow Apache to do all the hard work and squeak
to do the "smarts".


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