squeak hogs memory on linux?

Jörg Rade jr at petz.han.de
Wed Jun 10 21:51:56 UTC 1998

Hi Greg,

> has anyone found that squeak continually acquires and does not release
> memory under linux (I'm using Red Hat 5.0, with the 2.0.32 kernel),
> until either squeak is terminated or the system hangs - needing reboot? 

Found no, but a colleauge from the local linux user group mentioned
memory leaks in linux 2.0.x. He also said that this leak seemed to be
fixed in the 2.1.xx series.

I'm running 2.0.33 and have experienced some hangups in conjunction
with morphic. It could well be that morphics memory consumption forces
the problem to show up earlier. 

Ian Piumarta used 2.1.24 for his linux port. I guess he had some
reason for it.

If you try one of the 2.1.x kernels, please let me know if it avoids
the problem.

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