squeak hogs memory on linux?

Greg Lewin greg at quokka.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 10 23:48:12 UTC 1998

In message <19980610235156.A747 at petz.han.de>, Jörg Rade <jr at petz.han.de>
>Hi Greg,
>found no, but a colleauge from the local linux user group mentioned
>memory leaks in linux 2.0.x. He also said that this leak seemed to be
>fixed in the 2.1.xx series.
>I'm running 2.0.33 and have experienced some hangups in conjunction
>with morphic. It could well be that morphics memory consumption forces
>the problem to show up earlier. 
>Ian Piumarta used 2.1.24 for his linux port. I guess he had some
>reason for it.
>If you try one of the 2.1.x kernels, please let me know if it avoids
>the problem.
thanks for the suggestion - that may be the best next thing to try. It
may take me a few days as I'm a bit of a linux newbie, and changing the
kernel sounds like heap big medicine ;-)

Greg Lewin

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