Computer Algebra toolkit for Squeak

David Stes stes at
Thu Jun 11 15:44:40 UTC 1998

 Dear Squeak users,

 I made a first preliminary version of my Computer Algebra toolkit (for
Squeak), available at my (new) Squeak webpage, dedicated (in the future) 
to computing with polynomials with Squeak :

 It's just a start and doesn't 'do' much yet, but the 'class hierarchy' is
relatively stable, so it gives a correct idea of how it will be, when I'm
finished with the (rather stupid) work of typing everything that I already
had, into Squeak (which is what I'm doing now). 

 Those are objects for computing with polynomials in various
representations.  There's in fact only one Polynomial class, but it covers
various representations (different ways of storing coefficients, exponents
etc. because depending on the kind of algorithm, some representations are
better suited (e.g. for subresultants the recursive representation). 

 I'd like, in the future, to maintain the two versions (objc and squeak)
of the Computer Algebra Kit in parallel; I'm a bit sceptical as to whether
I will be able to calculate with larger polynomial systems, inside Squeak,
but for designing new classes in the future, Squeak's a very powerful
environment, so I'd like to take advantage of that. 


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