Transcript hangover

sqrmax at sqrmax at
Sat Jun 6 00:16:49 UTC 1998


>>I've just downloaded the latest updates (boy, I LOVE SQUEAK!), and now my 
>>poor Transcript shows some text but hangs on its way. The fix is getting 
>Are you saying that you are still having trouble with the same transcript 
as before, or that if you create a new transcript, you can still get into 
trouble by some sequence of actions?

I was having trouble with the same Transcript as before... I also tried 
filling a new Transcript with text, but nothing bad happened. I'll try with the 
next internet update session (the output on the Transcript was the text 
inside the hangovered Transcript).

>I did not intend to fix the first - use emergency collapse and get rid of 

Yeah... it's gone.

I also sent you a fix for the MVC inspectors, have you seen it?


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