Headless VM on Windows NT?

Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Thu Jun 25 21:53:33 UTC 1998

> How do I run Squeak as a Windows NT service?  I'm interested in running a
> headless Swiki server on an NT Server machine.  I'm fairly new to NT, so
> please feel free to "overwhelm" me with details.  :-)

Just start your image (from the command line) like this:

squeak -service: "My Swiki Service" swiki.image

(please note the space between -service: and the service name). In
addition, you might want to use either one of the following switches

* for logging VM messages (such as startup etc.)
  -log: "logname"
  (again: note the space)
* for limiting the memory used when running as service
  -memory: megaBytes
  (and again: note the space)

so that a fully qualified installation of an Swiki image on NT might look

squeak -memory: 4 -log: "c:\vm.log" -service: "My Swiki Service" swiki.image

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