View Programming?

Cameron Bowes cbowes at
Sun Jun 21 15:30:26 UTC 1998

Greetings folks!

I've recently discovered Squeak, and am now in the throes of really learning
Smalltalk (and loving every minute of it). For learning, I've been using
Smalltalk80: The Language, and a couple of other books, however, none of
them really deals with basic View programming.

I realize that there are a lot niftier ways of doing things now (morphic in
Squeak, the UI builder in VisualWorks, etc.), but I would like to be able to
work with the basics. This also comes from the fact the I'm using Blair
McGlashan's WinCE port for a lot of my work, which is pretty stripped down.
Many thanks to Blair for this port!!!

I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a resource or two for learing this
aspect of Smalltalk programming? I've played a bit with the "One window, One
button" example on the gatech Wiki server, which merely told me how much I
didn't know about basic window view programming.

Also, and this is perhaps, again, rather rudimentary.  Please forgive me,
but how to save an image so that it fires off a specific method when it
starts up? In my case, I'd like to install PWS as an NT service, so I'd like
the initialization and startup of the server to happen when Squeak is

Thanks in advance if anyone can provide any gentle pointers. I'm obviously
still on the wrong side of the learning curve, but endeavoring to get over

            Kindest regards to the list,
                     Cameron Bowes
                      cbowes at

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