On a more...(Inboard Squeak sources)

Chris Reuter cgreuter at calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Mar 4 23:51:11 UTC 1998

[I mentioned this in a previous message, but that seems to have gotten
eaten by some network daemon.]

It occurs to me that a lot of the problems that are attributed to
having multiple source files could also be solved by 1) making sure
that all necessary files are downloaded correctly and 2) that they are
correctly installed.

The first point can be implemented easily enough by putting together
binary distributions for all the major platforms in some binary format
(e.g. .zip or .tgz).  If it decompresses, it was correctly downloaded,
and all of the files you get match.

As for installation, the easiest way is to just include a well-written
README file.  However, install programs tend to be the norm these
days, and it would be nice to have some for Squeak.  I envision an
installer putting an initial image and sources file (containing all
the sources--the change log is initially empty) in some common
director and the VM somewhere in the search path (or whatever your OS
does with programs and data).  Typing (or clicking) Squeak the first
time would then load the default image, which would open a change log
in the current directory.

Under Linux, I think most of this can be done with rpm and shell
scripts (the only bit I'm not sure about is moving the changes into
the sources file).  I'm willing to take a crack at it once my network
connectivity comes back (i.e. once I find a telephone extension cable
:) if nobody beats me to it.

I can't do any of the other platforms, unfortunately, but I'm sure
_somebody_ out there can, and it would make Squeak a whole lot

It's not a difficult task.  However, there hasn't yet been any
pressure from the marketing department yet.


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