Squeak on Solaris/olvwmWas: On a more...(Inboard Squeak sources)

Mike Klein mike at twinsun.com
Thu Mar 5 01:43:21 UTC 1998

It appears that at inria.fr, the 1.3 changes file had the wrong line ends,
at one point in time (when 1.3 was released)
but the problem appears to have been corrected on 2 Feb 98.

By the way, is anyone out there using Squeak on Solaris?
I am using olvwm.
Is anyone who is having problems with the VM hanging and screen not updating?
The VM hang is "cured" by having the (OS-window/Squeak-Screen) lose and then
regain focus. (The squeak screen still needs refreshing).

-- Mike Klein

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