Printing Music Scores

Maloney johnm at
Wed Mar 4 07:33:27 UTC 1998

At 12:40 AM -0500 3/4/98, CYNTHIA NELSON wrote:
>I now am attempting a project for school in which I think it
>would be kind of helpful if I could get some music manuscript
>to actually print on the screen. I can draw on the screen by
>hand with a mouse but I want to avoid that if possible. 

The basic Squeak system has no support for musical notation
of any sort. Stephen Pope's Siren system has various graphical
score editing tools, but I don't *think* he has an editor
for common practice musical notation. I'd love to get my
hands on such a thing for Squeak, so if you find one, let
me know!

	-- John

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