Printing Music Scores

CYNTHIA NELSON cindynelson at
Wed Mar 4 05:40:43 UTC 1998


Well this is not quite as mundane as my first question about
the "changing variable name syndrome." Thanks again to every-
one who tried to help me with that.

I now am attempting a project for school in which I think it
would be kind of helpful if I could get some music manuscript
to actually print on the screen. I can draw on the screen by
hand with a mouse but I want to avoid that if possible. 

Encore and Finale which operate extremely well in Windows NT
use an Anatasia font. I do a lot of professional scoring with
these tools. I was wondering if any such font exists in Squeak.
I have wandered around the Music libraries in Squeak but have
no seem anything other than a way to print the alpha characters
for the notes.

I am trying to make a Music Ed tool for my private piano 
students with the assumption that they could download Squeak
and run the program in the Squeak environment. 

The libraries for sound generation look pretty straightforward
.....of course I have not really compiled anything yet. However,
I plan to go beyond just playing or recording MIDI files.

Any information would be helpful.


Cindy Nelson

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