Morphic bug under Linux

Maloney johnm at
Tue Mar 17 07:48:41 UTC 1998

>Hi all,
>I've noticed that when I select the "New Drawing" item from the main
>popup menu in the Morphic world "Play With Me 3", Squeak hangs.  This
>also happens to me in Squeak 1.21 and 1.30.

Yes, I've seen this bug before. Squeak is running out of space but
somehow the low-space notification mechanism isn't handling it.
(You should get an error window telling you that space is low,
not a hard crash.)

I've been looking for a reproducible case that will cause this
so I can finally debug it. If you get a chance, could you note:
  a. what display depth you have
  b. how much space is available right before you
     select "New Drawing" (use the "space left" command under
     the "help" command in the screen menu).
That would be very helpful.

To work around the problem, just start up Squeak with more memory.
I'm not sure how to do this on Linux; perhaps a command line

Incidentally, this bug is not Morphic-specific; it can happen
under MVC, too, when any application allocates a large enough
object. It is also not platform specific; it can happen on any
platform when memory is in short supply. (Hey, a portable bug!)
Fortunately, it is fairly rare; the low-space notifier works
properly most of the time. (Small consolation when it happens
to you, I know.)

	-- John

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