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Sun Mar 1 23:36:42 UTC 1998

Hello all,

With all the discussions of MI, prototyping and what-not, I thought I'd 
throw in something I've been thinking of.

I'd like to have an implementation of 'interfaces' for squeak.  I believe 
it would help with the self documenting idea and when coupled with 
delegation, could help implement a facade of MI.  Objective-C uses 
interfaces and delegation very effectively in this way.

Mixins could be built on top of this structure and conflict resolution 
for methods could be based on order of mixin declaration, and each 
conflicted method getting called autmatically in the order of the 

I believe this way, we could have MI of interfaces, a manageable MI of 
implementation and a very defined way of dealing with colissions.

Just a thought...

Another thought I had was related to what the Disney team thinks of the 
Dylan language relative to Squeak.  It has MI, everything is an object, 
somewhat of a MOP, typing (if wanted), generic functions, etc.

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