Confusion over basic Array new:

Joe Davison jwdavison at
Fri Sep 18 16:06:36 UTC 1998

Michael S. Klein said: 
> What do people think about putting #new & #new: as class-side
> methods in Object so that newbies can figure this one out without
> having to be introduced to the "prime anomoly"?
> Personally, I think that most people on the path to becoming a Smalltalk
> expert hit this one. I know I did.  The only real argument I can think
> of against doing this is that wondering about where #new is can be viewed
> as a "rite-of-passage"; an introduction to meta-programming.

One has to learn how the hierarchy works sometime, might as well be fairly
early.  On the other hand, it doesn't have to be quite so hard.

I don't think we want to move the actual methods there, but because the
actual methods will be found before getting to Object, one might safely
put methods there with no implementation -- only comments that point out
where the real methods can be found... 

That's still a bit ugly -- perhaps one could put a pointer in the Class
Comment for Object and for Behavior -- perhaps even a short explaination
of the "prime anomoly", with references.


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