Publish-Subscribe, Weak Arrays and Garbage Collection...

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Thu Apr 29 17:24:39 UTC 1999


> So my questions are:
> Is this a synchronization problem with the FinalizationProcess in
> WeakArray?
It might well be.

> is the WeakKeyDictionary class process safe, or how can I make it so?
WeakKeyDictionary is not process safe - WeakRegistry is. If you have a look
at its implementation then you should be able to secure the
WeakKeyDictionary the very same way.

> Do I need to integrate my (PostOffice) class with the
> FinalizationSemaphore
> or FinalizationLock of class WeakArray - how would I do this, how do I
> access these semaphores?
This should not be necessary at all.

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