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Tue Jan 5 23:02:10 UTC 1999

Eliot wrote:

>> Now, how do I invent a new bytecode for a directed resend instruction?
>I think first is a version of perform: that allows one to specify the
>starting class.

So you're suggesting to start with implementing a new primitive instead of
a byte code instruction, aren't you?  That's a good idea, because it
doesn't affect the Parser/Decompiler/Debugger/whatever.  I could use
something like

  delegate: #thisSelector
  to: theObjectWhereTheLookupStarts
  withArguments: anArrayOrNil

to test my ideas -- and IT WORKS!  It's actually very simple.  All I needed
to do was to clone and slightly modify the #perform:withArgument:
primitive.  I've prepared a patch file, which will be available on my
Squeak Page at tomorrow.

>Then get the compiler to generate code that invokes this better perform:.

That's of course the next step then. Yes.

>First ensure that the jitter can generate a linked
>message-not-understood send.

I think, I'll wait for the next version of Jitter before I'll have a look
at that class.  All I want is to satisfy my curiosity :-)

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