New | BasicNew What is the Difference?

John-Reed Maffeo rlpa80 at
Tue Jan 5 22:35:21 UTC 1999


Thanks for the concise explanation.

Stephan B. Wessels wrote:
--- snip 
> Form class>>extent:depth:
>     calls self basicNew.
> If it were to call #new (instead of basicNew) you would be right back up at
> Cursor class>>new
> which would loop of course.
> That's one of the trip points to refactoring and simplification.  You need to
> look up and down the hierarchy.

Is this situation one to which refactoring and simplicication should be

> This might seem a bit confusing and we can probably (amongst all the mail list
> readers) come up with a clearer example
> if this doesn't make sense to you.
> have fun...

Fun is exactly what I am having;)

>   - Steve

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