lego mindstorms and Squeak (mac-specific aside - GOOD NEWS!)

Stephan B. Wessels stephan.wessels at
Wed Jan 6 20:36:28 UTC 1999

Yea, I read about the "solution" you have to adopt to use the Mac in this
situation.  Such a shame.  I really love the Mac platform.  But at least it can be
done.  By the way, aren't' these little robots the coolest?!

But back to topic...

I wonder what's involved to get a Mindstorms interface (and even a simulator)
written for Squeak?  I'm willing to contribute as much as I can figure out, but the
first step is to survey what's alreayd either done or in process to help this
effort.  This ends up combining 2 of my passions...

  - Steve

Donald T. Major, II wrote:

> This isn't really the proper forum for this, but I think I ought to share this,
> and I know there's SOME interest:
> As a mac user, I was disappointed to learn about Lego's Windows-centric position
> after buying one for myself.
> Then I found out about the Windows/Mac Lego/Dacta CD-ROM. That at $99 and a $15
> Palm "MacPac" adaptor to use with the IR connection tower have me up and running
> - with no OCX (as far as I know).
> Yeah, it's *another* $100+, but at least I can now program my RCX on my platform
> of choice!

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