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"G–ran" Hultgren gohu at
Wed Jun 9 07:18:40 UTC 1999

---Edward P Luwish <eluwish at> wrote:
> I'm not sure even what to call this thing.
> I would like to have my own Swiki, but my network (and all potential
> candidates for a server) only has dialup access to the internet.

While you are looking for that ISP I can give you a time limited offer
just because you are a fellow squeaker(!):

1. An account on our Linux machine where you can run your own Swiki.
We are already running two Swikis there so I have all the
"installation" hassles figured out.

2. VNC access and SSH access to your account. SSH gives you a secure
"telnet" and VNC actually gives you a remote X desktop! We could of
course run the Swikis headless but sofar I haven't bothered to - it is
quite nice to be able to control the Squeak environment remotely and
to be able to tweak the code while it is running! :-)

3. Let's say up to 50Mb space. We have a couple of gigs available
so... No problemas.

4. Let's say 2 months? As long as your account does'nt hog the machine
or anything... :-)

And when you find another home it is quite easy to just tar it up and
move it somewhere else!

This server ( is located in Sweden (but sitting on a FAT
connection) so you would perhaps want to check your bandwidth - I
pinged from the server and it said around 200ms (not
too shabby I think, I have around almost the same from my work) -
email me if you are interested.

regards, G–ran

PS. This offer is of course also available to other responsible fellow
Squeakers as long as it is WELL UNDERSTOOD that it is a
"no-guarantee-thingy"! The server is a "private" server that our small
company use and we are not an ISP. And we can only host Z number of
people where Z probably is a small prime number below 5 or
something... :-) DS

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Than they fight you. Then you win." -- Gandhi
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